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Thread: Same domain name different extensions

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    Same domain name different extensions


    I have a country specific domain like xxx.fr
    There is a website with the same domain and different extension like xxx.com

    Now they have top level domain .com address whilst I have the minor country specific domain. In this situation will I run into any legal problems down the line?

    There is no way I am shutting my website down but I am worried that both our websites are promoting the "same" brand whilst we are not related at all.

    Has anyone experienced this situation and if so what happens here?


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    It can not create any problem. Its possible that with your same domain name(different extention) another company can own that domain and business if its not registered by you. Yours is also ccTLD.

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    Same domain name different extensions

    Hi Maggy

    Thanks you for the answer. It makes things much clear.

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    .co domain

    i just want to a quick question that i own a .co extension domain name which is copyright trademark of another big brand with .com extnesion. Is it possible if i can run different business or if i can redirect that domain name to any of my website.

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