Wow, that's a lot of acronyms! Now that I've dispensed some humor, here is the nitty gritty of the situation;

I have a CSV file containing all my data (including links to my images that correspond as well) that I want displayed. It's pretty basic as it looks something like this;

ItemStatus (A=available, P=pending)
ItemLocation (/images/item/picXXXXXXXX.png)
ItemPicture (/images/item/itemXXXXXXXX.png)

I've been using a CSV or spreadsheet as it's easier to track and maintain the database, but lately I've been wondering, rather than hardcoding and the tedious amount of work that goes with it, if there was a way to extract all this information and just use XML to display what is currently in the database?

With the status what I would like to do is once "A" is found when reading in, a small graphic will be associated with it (for example (/images/avail.png)) same goes with "P"

So for example thumbnails get generated, displayed with Item Name, Item Status Graphic next to it, small description, and it's number. Clicking on the thumbnail will bring you to ItemPicture (which will appear in a lightbox). See attached to see what I mean!

Not sure this would be the right section of the Forum for this but if it's not, please move it to the appropriate section where it will receive the proper attention.

Thanks in advance,
Gary A.MacDonald