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Thread: Cell Dividers Showing in Table Border

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    Cell Dividers Showing in Table Border


    In IE only, I'm having trouble with cell dividers showing in the top border of a table. It looks fine in Chrome and Firefox. Does anyone have an idea how I can correct it? Here's the page:


    Here's the css for that table:

    #capabilities {width: 920px; border: 1px solid #D5D5D5; border-collapse: collapse; margin:25px 0; border-top: 10px solid #C00000; }
    #capabilities td {border: 1px solid #D5D5D5; padding: 5px;}
    #capabilities th {padding:15px 5px; background: #E0E0E0; border: 1px solid #D5D5D5}
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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