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Thread: How to get the innerHTML in firefox

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    How to get the innerHTML in firefox

    First, i am a Noob.
    I wanna to get the content of the opened entry in Google Reader. I used the below command to get the div section.
    and the below snapshot was the div section in firebug.
    Attachment 14766
    However, I cannot get the content by innerHTML or outerHTML or textContent.

    if i use
    var ib = document.getElementById('current-entry').getElementsByClassName('item-body') ;
    var tc = ib.getElementsByTagName('p')
    the firebug return the error ib.getElementsByTagName is not a function.

    Can you help me?

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    getElementsByClassName('') (which by the way is not supported in all browsers) will return a collection, as will getElementsByTagName(''), so what you are looking for is probably something like this:

    var ib = document.getElementById('current-entry').getElementsByClassName('item-body')[0]
    var tc = ib.getElementsByTagName('p')[0]
    but those [0]'s depend on how your page is structured

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    Thank you very much.

    the [0] really work,haha!

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