Hey guys. Recently I've developed a desire to learn how to make websites. And I want to make them good.

I like the website development part of website creation more so I started watching video courses at lynda.com about HTML and CSS. I really liked them and after 10 days and watching 40hrs of video cources I learnt some incredible things about CSS - history, browser support, the CSS, how the web works, etc. I plan to start learning JavaScript after I get more comfortable with CSS and I gain better ability to control over CSS. (Please let me know if thats the way or its not really recommended to gain more control over CSS to start with JavaScript).

I've got some questions though. My future aim is to provide website creation
services. I prefer to do the things alone, so I guess I have to start learning Web design too. So there they are:

1. Should one be an artistic person so that he can learn web design (so he can make prototype for example) - I consider myself not really a man of arts. I've never been good with painting at school. Neither I've had a passion about this kind of arts.

2. In this line of thought: where get images/logos specific for the current client website need. Outsource? Or maybe it's possible learn how to do them myself although I've never been keen on arts? If so should I use Fireworks for example, Illustrator, Photoshop or mix of them?