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Thread: How do I start in osdate. I want to create a advertising site for adults.

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    How do I start in osdate. I want to create a advertising site for adults.

    Hi, does anyone know exactly where about in osdate I must go to, to start to create a site. Im not that good at html code, still cant figure out how to get the image on my webeditor. I want to create a advertising adultsite, not porn. Do I have to be good at the code first or can I download a script or something, to play around with or edit.

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    It might be best for you to post in the jobs offered section and ask for a developer.

    If you need help or advice, if you dont feel you can reveal all in public, feel free to message me. The first thing I would advise is you have a clear idea of:
    - Exactly what you want from the site, what exactly do you want it to do?
    - Who is your target audience?
    - Is it a community or membership site, how will you generate revenue and how much are you aiming to generate?
    - What makes your site unique? Is there an already better placed site doing the exact same thing?
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    read more about html, and sites and how they work before you purchase or create anything. Before you know it. you will determine whether or not you would want to continue building a site or not.

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