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    Arrow Top Creative Mag

    Take a look at my new design magazine and give your feedback.
    I will be glad to receive suggestions.

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    Hello! Great work! It looks really good for the magazine website! Loads really quick, even though we're accessed from the middle of nowhere. Colours, fonts and all the proportions do look good all together. Wish you all the best in what you're doing!

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    Mission statement.

    How about a mission statement?

    For a magazine you need new content every week, month or quarterly. Let visitors know this bit of information so they can come a-browsing around "publishing time".

    Do you allow contributions? and will contributors be rewarded?

    If you are a real magazine you have to act like one. The site is nicely laid out but at the moment it can be misinterpreted as a resource center.

    Some of the 3D photos impart a real illusion of depth!

    Keep the content going...
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    Its good simple and attractive. It can be more creative and innovative.

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