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Thread: Issues Embedding SVG file from a networkdrive to a client-side Webapplication

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    Issues Embedding SVG file from a networkdrive to a client-side Webapplication

    Hi my fellow developers,

    this here is my first post. I am currently working on a Webbased application which loads and manipulates SVG graphics. The key functions are selection, zooming, panning, etc.
    At first I embeded my SVG graphics with the help of the "object" tag.
    Like this:
    <object border="2" align="middle" id="objectElement" data='y:/mySVG.svg' type="image/svg+xml" style="border: 1px black solid;"/>

    in the head of my SVG I got a onload function called SvgLoadReactor in which I can get and set all the events and attributes of my SVG.
    <svg enableZoomAndPanControls="true" preserveAspectRatio="xMinYMin meet" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="29.0784 -85.9536 56.8752 61.5005" width="30cm" height="20cm" onload="JavaScript:try{parent.SvgLoadReactor(evt)}catch(ex){alert(ex);}">

    This method works fine if I load the file from my local drive. But when I attempt to load the file from the network drive I get to see the graphic, but all my mouseevents stopped working.
    I get the error Acces Denied when loading from the network drive.

    After many tries I decided to load the file contend via ActiveX and then write the entire content into a div.
    This method works great when using IE9. With that I can now load any SVG file from anywhere.

    Now this is where I begin to explain my current problem.
    My WebApplicaton should later be a part of another Windows application which uses a Webbrowser Control to run WebApps. Webbrowser Control are by default in IE7-mode which is incompatible with the <svg> tag. To get around this issue I just used this:
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">. I now can see my graphic, I am able to pan and zoom, but now I can't select individual polygons and the program crashes every few seconds.

    As a test I tried out the app using the embedding via the object tag and all functions work out perfectly. But using this I still have the big trouble not being able to load my SVG files from the network drive.

    I hope you guys get the dilemma I am currently in. I would be glad to hear any ideas or suggestions

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    I just solved the issue. It turns out that I just had too many events going on at once. My solution was just to regulate the events in way so that they all don't occur at once.

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