Hey new here. Hi..

Here is what I'm working with. what is working is the
BOLD RED in the code is what is taking my drop down selection and placing it in the search text field.

Here is my code

<table cellpadding="5" cellspacing="1" class="searchBox">
<td align="center">

<form action="search.php" method="get">

<div align="left">
<input type="text" name="query" id="query" size="40" value="<?php print quote_replace($query);?>" action="include/js_suggest/suggest.php" columns="2" autocomplete="off" delay="1500">
<form action="" method ="post">
<select name="state" onchange="document.getElementById('query').value=this.value;">
<option value="Nation Wide"
> Nation Wide </option>
<option value="Nation Wide ex AK/HI"> Nation Wide ex AK & HI </option>
<option value="Alabama"> Alabama </option>
<option value="Alaska"> Alaska </option>
<option value="Arizona"> Arizona </option>
<option value="Arkansas"> Arkansas </option>
<option value="California"> California </option>
<option value="Colorado"> Colorado </option>
<option value="Connecticut"> Connecticut </option>
<option value="Deleware"> Deleware </option>
<option value="Florida"> Florida </option>
<option value="Georgia"> Georgia </option>
<option value="Hawaii"> Hawaii </option>
<option value="Idaho"> Idaho </option>
<option value="Illinois"> Illinois </option>
<option value="Indiana"> Indiana </option>
<option value="Iowa"> Iowa </option>
<option value="Kansas"> Kansas </option>
<option value="Kentucky"> Kentucky </option>
<option value="Louisiana"> Louisiana </option>
<option value="Maine"> Maine </option>
<option value="Maryland"> Maryland </option>
<option value="Massachusetts"> Massachusetts </option>
<option value="Michigan"> Michigan </option>
<option value="Minnesota"> Minnesota </option>
<option value="Mississippi"> Mississippi </option>
<option value="Missouri"> Missouri </option>
<option value="Montana"> Montana </option>
<option value="Nebraska"> Nebraska </option>
<option value="Nevada"> Nevada </option>
<option value="New Hampshire"> New Hampshire </option>
<option value="New Jersey"> New Jersey </option>
<option value="New Mexico"> New Mexico </option>
<option value="New York"> New York </option>
<option value="North Carolina"> North Carolina </option>
<option value="North Dakota"> North Dakota </option>
<option value="Ohio"> Ohio </option>
<option value="Oklahoma"> Oklahoma </option>
<option value="Oregon"> Oregon </option>
<option value="Pennsylvania"> Pennsylvania </option>
<option value="Rhode Island"> Rhode Island </option>
<option value="South Carolina"> South Carolina </option>
<option value="South Dakota"> South Dakota </option>
<option value="Tennessee"> Tennessee </option>
<option value="Texas"> Texas </option>
<option value="Utah"> Utah </option>
<option value="Vermont"> Vermont </option>
<option value="Virginia"> Virginia </option>
<option value="Washington"> Washington </option>
<option value="West Virginia"> West Virginia </option>
<option value="Wisconsin"> Wisconsin </option>
<option value="Wyoming"> Wyoming </option>

<select name="prop" onchange="document.getElementById('query').value=this.value;">
<option value="Downtown or Streetfront"
> Downtown or Streetfront </option>
<option value="Freestanding Pad"> Freestanding Pad </option>
<option value="Lifestyle Center"> Lifestyle Center </option>
<option value="Mall or Food Court"> Mall or Food Court </option>
<option value="Nontraditional Units"> Nontraditional Units </option>
<option value="Power Center"> Power Center </option>
<option value="Shopping Center"> Shopping Center </option>
<option value="Entertainment Center"> Entertainment Center </option>
<option value="Manufacturer Outlet Center"> Manafacturer Outlet Center </option>
<option value="Regional Mall"> Regional Mall </option>

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="search">

<?php if ($adv==1 || $advanced_search==1) {
<table width = "100%">
<td width="40%"><input type="radio" name="type" value="and" <?php print $type=='and'?'checked':''?>><?php print $sph_messages['andSearch']?></td>
<td><input type="radio" name="type" value="or" <?php print $_REQUEST['type']=='or'?'checked':''?>><?php print $sph_messages['orSearch']?></td></tr>
<td><input type="radio" name="type" value="phrase" <?php print $_REQUEST['type']=='phrase'?'checked':''?>><?php print $sph_messages['phraseSearch']?></td>
<td><?php print $sph_messages['show']?>
<select name='results'>
<option <?php if ($results_per_page==10) echo "selected";?>>10</option>
<option <?php if ($results_per_page==20) echo "selected";?>>20</option>
<option <?php if ($results_per_page==50) echo "selected";?>>50</option>
<option <?php if ($results_per_page==100) echo "selected";?>>100</option>

<?php print $sph_messages['resultsPerPage']?>
<?php }?>

<?php if ($catid<>0){?>
<center><b><?php print $sph_messages['Search']?></b>: <input type="radio" name="category" value="<?php print $catid?>"><?php print $sph_messages['Only in category']?> "<?php print $tpl_['category'][0]['category']?>'" <input type="radio" name="category" value="-1" checked><?php print $sph_messages['All sites']?></center>
<?php }?>
<input type="hidden" name="search" value="1">
<?php if ($has_categories && $search==1 && $show_categories){?>
<a href="search.php"><?php print $sph_messages['Categories']?></a>
<?php }?>


I need help with understanding how to.....
1. Apply both drop downs to the search without erasing first one.
2. Separate by ( ) A SPACE

Any ideas and or help would be great.
Thanks in advance.