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Thread: Best way for a beginner to make some ad revenue off a small site?

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    Smile Best way for a beginner to make some ad revenue off a small site?

    I'm going to be putting together my first real website in the near future. I'm in the process of learning the code, and/or how to use drupal right now.

    It will be a relatively simple site. I am an amateur photographer, and work with a unique style of photography that is rarely seen. So the site will primarily be just a image gallery showing my works, and a little bit of misc info.

    I'm wondering, what is the best way that a beginner like me can at least make a few cents of revenue based traffic to my site? Is Google Adsense good for small sites? Is there something else more small / beginner oriented?

    I don't really expect to get much traffic, but who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised and get more than expected. So I'd hope whatever system will be flexible enough to work well in either situation, and hopefully be easy for a beginner who's in the early stages of learning.

    Any point in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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    You can earn through google adsense or any affiliate marketing product or pay per view.

    There are lots of way to earn money just Google it.

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    Apart of affiliate marketing and Google adsense - didn't you think about earning by selling your photos on services like fotolia? If your photos are unique, then maybe there would be a demand fr it?

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