I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong forum, but I sat here for 10 minutes trying to figure out which forum to put this thread in, and this seemed like the most reasonable. Admins, if you need to move it, feel free. Just please don't delete.

I had a question for you guys about finding a Javascript Developer job. So, what does a company usually look for in an application/resume? I'm so hesitant to go to school for web development because 99% of the articles I've read online ALWAYS say the stuff you learn at a university is outdated by the time you graduate, so currently i'm just taking the courses over at teamtreehouse.com. Is the Bachelors degree in computer science 100% necessary on a resume when looking for a development job? Cause I'd hate to spend 6 figures on a university to learn soon-to-be outdated material when I can signup for online courses for 50 bucks a month that teach up-to-date material, but I don't get the degree.

I'm 24, by the way. Don't know if that matters at all?

I'm also willing to learn ANYTHING a company is willing to teach me. Does having LESS knowledge in Javascript end up working in my favor at all in a Junior Javascript Dev position? The reason I'm thinking that way is because a company would be able to teach me javascript ANYWAY they wanted to, but that's if they were willing to teach.

Thanks in advance ladies and gents.