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Thread: web developer interview help

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    web developer interview help

    HI there, I wonder if you can help me at all. In a few days I will have an interview for a web developer job. I am good with css and html, and know a bit of javascript
    and jquery. Now, I would like to practice a little bit before the big day. The test I will be given I presume it will be turning a photoshop design into a fully working
    web page. So does anybody have good suggestions, tips, resources, ideas, mock ups that I can use as an excercise etc etc? Any help ould be much appreciated

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    First off, don't even think about "slicing" up a PhotoShop mockup. If that method was even mentioned, I would not hire you!
    Learn to do the entire layout using CSS "styles" to design the page.
    So for example, create a PS doc with 6 randomly spaced rectangles... just give them each a unique color and a set px dimension. Then learn how to duplicate that using just CSS as a web page.. 6 colored rectangles spread out over a web page.
    For reference you'll need to understand the "box model":
    More about CSS:
    and basic HTML:
    Once you can do that, move on to a more complex page.... pick any Web page, break it down into 6-10 sections and see if you can duplicate those sections and positions on the page. The actual content is unimportant, just learn to position the "container" <div>s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eye for Video View Post
    First off, don't even think about "slicing" up a PhotoShop mockup.
    Which they never mentioned.

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