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    Hey guys,
    Am making a website using HTML5, javascript and CSS.
    the website is about videos. I have made a table in such a way that one part of it shows the names of the songs and other part of it shows the video. But here i have got a problem.
    I dont want this that when u click a song name a another window pops up and the video plays. I am think of using Iframe. But i don't know how to go for it.
    I know that whatever i wrote is quite confusing.
    All i want is that if by clicking any song that is in one part of the table no new windows pop up (the video starts playing in the other part of the table.)
    Linking all the songs name so that the respective video plays in the table portion with just the table portion refreshing and not the whole page.
    HOpe you understood.

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    Could give a link to your page?

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    Ajax could do this since it mixes JavaScript with server scripting and thus you could pull in the info without loading a whole new page.

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    Or use a video player with a playlist.
    If you don't, then you will need to be sure that the very first step in switching from one video to another is that you "stop" the currently playing video. And be sure that your method of "stopping" one video and "starting" another, includes stopping the download... not just the display. If you don't stop the downloading, then both you and the visitor are wasting bandwidth and it may infact prevent the download and display of a second or third video until the first one completely downloads. There may not be enough Internet download bandwidth to download more than one file at a time.
    Here are just a couple of video players with "Playlist":
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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