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Thread: Simple adding subtracting with reset button

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    Question Simple adding subtracting with reset button


    Thank you for reading my post. I have been working on trying to figure ou the code for this for a couple months now and I've had enough and am ready to ask for some help.

    I have this layout:


    My actions with this would be:

    Where the zeros are you would click on them and they would increase by 1 number, and the oops button would subtract a number.

    The reset button would reset the displays to zero again.

    It seems like it would be simple to code but I am having a really difficult time figuring it out.

    Any help or a place to look for reference would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you! Kodi

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    Basics here:

    <div id="red" onclick="increment(this)">0</div>
    <div id="blue" onclick="increment(this)">0</div>
    function increment(field){
      var currentValue = parseInt(field.innerHTML);
      field.innerHTML = currentValue + 1;

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    Thanks you

    This is a good start. Thank you.

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    Simple Adding reset button

    thanks for sharing with us

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