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Thread: How to make website appear in google by visitors location?

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    How to make website appear in google by visitors location?

    wonder if anyone could give me a tip about this issue.
    What i would like to do is whenever person types in google some term(and we appear in search results) site wouldn't show up by home page, i mean like www.somewebsite.com, but instead would appear like www.somewebsite.com/CytiOfTheVisitor.html , it would depend on "searchers" city in which he currently is.

    my site is www.website.com
    person from New York types something in google search and we appear on results - www.website.com/NewYork.html ,
    if person is from Chicago, so it would be - www.website.com/Chicago.html

    Is it possible?If so, any tips on how to make it?

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    You need to optimize these pages by using proper header and bold text for specific and important tags. e.g. Page about New York should be rich in this keyword and so on. Then you need to create enough backlinks for those specific pages you want in search. Then the chances are your site starts appearing based on the Geo Location of the searchers.

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    Hi all,

    thank you for your info,

    i will try it on my web Read Manga Online

    can you give simple tips to make more backlink..

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    Choose keywords related to your location with high local and global searches and less competition from Adwords.Generate large backlinks related to those keywords and title.
    Follow these two important instructions you will definietly get your rank on google.

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    Always use highly competitive keywords in meta tag as local and global traffic of those keyword are high and do integrate the keyword related to your location.
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    Well i don't think Google show such results till you are not optimizing different pages for that. I think once user click on your website by finding their location you can redirect him to the city wise page.

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