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Thread: ActiveXObject Identifier Expected

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    Angry ActiveXObject Identifier Expected

    When running this script:

    01.<script type="text/javascript">
    02. // initialize ActiveXObject and create an object of Scripting.FileSystemObject.
    03. var fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
    05. // returns the folder object associated with the specified folder
    06. var folderObj = fso.GetFolder("C:\\Temp");
    07. document.write(folderObj.Name);
    09. fso = null;

    I get an error saying "Row 3 Character 1 Identifier Expected".
    The script displays only '01.' (the apostrophes are not displayed)
    I thought maybe there was a security issue with ActiveX so I run another script wich uses ActiveX, and it both reads and writes local files, and also does a http.open using ActiveX working perfectly.
    I'm a beginner in Javascript, trying to make a script that lists all folders and files, starting with the specified folder.
    Environment is: Windows 7, Xampp(apache, mysql etc) IE9.
    So what's wrong ?

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