Ok, so I have an undetermined number of entries.. (user can add additional tasks to the list, each project has 1 of each task) I need to know how many are "10 percent" of the total so that I can divide them into 10 more-or-less equal parts.

Each entry has a "status", which will always be completed in order, and if they are complete then I want to be able to say that the total is 10% complete, 20% complete, etc... So if there are 10 of them and 4 are complete, then it would be 40 percent, but if there are 100 of them and 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, etc, to 49 are complete, then it would say 40 percent complete... but likewise if there are 15 tasks then if there are 7 done it would say 40% complete because 7/15=.466 a.k.a.. 47% complete.

Also, if you noticed, I don't want it to "round to the nearest 10 percent" I want it to be at or above a percentage when it's shown, so 49% is not 50% complete.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; thanks!