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Thread: Easily Compile a List of Webpages?

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    Exclamation Easily Compile a List of Webpages?

    We're switching to another platform, and we need to do 301 redirects for every page.

    We can do this semi-easily if we use a .csv with the old page in col1 and the new page in col2. The problem is that we have over a thousand webpages.

    Is there an easy way to pull all of our webpages on the website and put it all in one column of a csv? It doesn't have to do exactly that, but I want to be able to easily compile our webpage names automatically.


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    Is there a generic pattern for the redirect?

    You might be able to add something in a .htaccess file that will redirect pages that follow a pattern or rule to another?

    This may be a quicker option?

    Alternatively, I would use one of the free online tools to create a google site map. This will generate an XML file of all the pages it can find on your website.

    You could use this.

    I'd be keen to see how you solve the problem.

    Andy Grant

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