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    A Question


    I have one question about something, i don't even know if it is possible but I want to be sure because I'm new in this "world".

    So... I want on my website (lets name it blablabla.cm) a search box and lets suppose I want to search "blablabla" and when I click the search button then (something like a shortcut) to take me to blablabla.cm/blablabla.htm. If i want to search "pampampam" then to take me to blablalba.cm/pampampam and etc.

    To be more precise I want to make some html pages that will not appear on the site (in the menu bar or anywhere else) and when someone try to search for them, then to take them to the page that they are looking for.
    Please let me know if it is possible and if it is please tell me how i can make this, a code will be great.

    10x and sorry if this is something very easy or I don't know... stupid, I hope you understand me

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    If you are familiar with Wordpress, it uses the search as default, the only challenge is to hide the pages or the posts, that would be the fastest solution.

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    Does it have to be a search box?

    If you make a page, pampampam.html, and put in the root directory of blablabla.com, then it's accessible, even if there's no link to it, by typing in blablabla.com/pampampam.html in the browser location bar.

    Also, depending on how your host company sets things up, you can probably add redirections so that, for example, typing in blablabla.com/p would redirect you to blablabla.com/pampampam.html.

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