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Thread: Text in blue rectangle moves out of the block

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    Text in blue rectangle moves out of the block

    Hi, I put a blue rectangle shape about 275px wide, and 105px high. But now the text sticks out of it. Here is the code I used <div style="position:absolute;left:700px;background-color:blue;height:105px;width:275px;top:5px;"><p style="border:3px;margin-bottom:60px;">
    <h1>My Artistic Models</h1>

    Should I be using a class or id or something, cause the text just goes out of it, I cant centre it in the block/rectangle. Or maybe a background-color attribute, if I could put the size in.

    Im new at this and am confused here, If anyone can help me, thanks

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    First off, using position:absolute invites problems.... do not use declared positions for general layout!
    For best reply, post a link to the actual online page and detail exactly where the problem <div> is.
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