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Thread: How to execute the fuction if the condition is true

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    How to execute the fuction if the condition is true


    I have a set a condition before executing a js function.The condition is if any alert come by clicking that button at that time the function should not called otherwise it should execute.

    Please suggest me how to do this one.

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    If I understand what you are trying to say:

    1. set a flag having scope that the function that you don't want to execute can access

    2. Have that function first check the value of the flag at the beginning and have it return immediately without it executing the rest of the code.

    For example:

    var flag = false;

    function showAlert(){
    flag = true;
    alert("Here's an alert");

    function doIfNoAlert(){
    if(flag === true){
    //whatever you otherwise want it to do here
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