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Thread: HTML Special Characters

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    HTML Special Characters

    Hi All,

    Im wondering if someone can help me with this one.

    I'm having difficulties with displaying special characters in Firefox.

    What i did was:

    Regenerate fonts to display special characters. Change the Cufon .js. After that the characters started working, only had issues in the menu and titles. After changing to UTF8 it was fixed and everything was working fine, I could see all the characters in my browser.

    Once copied on the server they are gone but it seems like it is only titles and headers.

    Anyone able to help me?



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    There are several ways but, you are not mentioning what kind of chars you want to put
    Check this page for accents: http://www.starr.net/is/type/htmlcodes.html

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    Thanks very much for the help.. I found out that the font didnt support special characters.. although i regenarated it and it worked in titles but not in normal txt.. anyways it was fasted to change it.. Thanks again for the advice..

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