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Thread: Anything close to old IE version for Mac?

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    Anything close to old IE version for Mac?

    I have a Mac, so I have to use emulators or wine wrappers to test IE. I suck at x-browser compatible let alone old-browser compatible. I really want to write for old browsers though, because I have a feeling that a lot of people, maybe in the office or library still use Windows XP, maybe constantly formatting and reinstalling Windows, like when I was a PC, they may be on IE6 or something as default from CD. I can make everything work in Firefox Mac's latest version and that is about it. Is there anything close to IE6 IE7 or anything like that, maybe with an error console to speed things up, like maybe an old version of Firefox or addon or something? It seems to me, that there should be an agreement with the Mac OS now that it is Intel, but the emulated versions are too buggy for me.
    EDIT: I have IE5 Mac, but it too is emulated as it is a PPC app.
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    Not an answer to your question (I don't use Macs), but you may want to reconsider how much effort you want to put into supporting a browser used by less than 1% of the browser market.

    Windows XP is very much still alive.
    IE6 is less than 1% of the browser market.

    Browser Stats: http://gs.statcounter.com/#browser_v...203-201203-bar

    PC operating System Stats: http://gs.statcounter.com/#os-US-mon...203-201203-bar

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    1% of the market who have brand new computers perhaps, but I refuse to believe these numbers on a much more realistic world market. The website you posted isn't even x-browser compatible.

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    Say there is a would-be host for my site, it runs it's own Javascripts. It's Tumblr. I'm trying to write a simple script to grab the next page. XMLHTTPrequest was futile, because the page is written by a Tumblr javascript, so I'm tucking the next page to load in an iFrame with a URL parameter to only return the parts I need to return, but contentDocument and contentWindow.document seem to return Nihil on my Tumblr page, http://blog.jakejilg.com/ When this should work innerHTML by my logic...


    Clientside is not a script, it's like begging several different women with lines...
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