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    I'm fairly unfamiliar with JS arrays, especially ones who's contents are pulled from a SQL database.

    Essentially I want Previous and Next buttons either side of an image placeholder to click through the different images.

    Much like how Facebook does it, with the exception that all images are directly clickable below the placeholder (this bit is done already). then click Photos.

    EDIT: The photos aren't named in any sequential order, otherwise I would have just done +1, -1 etc!
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    I have a few examples of how to do this on my site.
    "View Source" to see how they work. All of them are basically the same but with different features.
    Basic Slideshow: http://www.jasondahlin.com/2011/codi...o-carousel.asp

    Basic Slideshow with links on images: http://www.jasondahlin.com/2011/codi...with-links.asp

    Basic Slideshow with links and customizable HTML for each image: http://www.jasondahlin.com/2011/codi...s_and_text.asp

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