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Thread: .ASP Signup form to SQL Database

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    .ASP Signup form to SQL Database

    Hello guys!

    Ok, I have a basic contact form in an .ASP page. It has basic fields like

    First Name, Last Name
    Store Name
    City, State
    Account Number
    Phone Number

    Right now, when somebody submits this form, it just e-mails me directly, and then I have to go manually put the information in a database using a spreadsheet.

    I dont expect anyone to lay out every step on how to directly populate the database, but basically I would like to set it up so when somebody submits the form, it goes directly into the MS-SQL database - but we would have to approve it first to make sure everything is input correctly.

    Can somebody please point me to a tutorial, or where should I start in integrating this?

    Thank you so much!

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    any help on this would be appreciated!

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