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Thread: why might a div appear lower in FF and Safari than in IE

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    why might a div appear lower in FF and Safari than in IE

    I am working on a site and its something i am slowly fixing and improving for a client, however some minor cosmetic stuff has to be done asap without taking my time to rework the entire content and layout to improve and validate the css

    I would like to know if anyone has encountered this problem

    When positioning a div element using css it appears fine in IE the latest version, the top of the parent div it is within

    But in both Firefox and Safari it appears a good half inch or so lower

    Can anyone explain why this is and more to the point, what may need changing to make it work in all those browsers

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    Without seeing the page, it's impossible to know why any particular problem might arise. Does the page have a complete <!DOCTYPE> statement so that the page will be rendered in Standards Compliance Mode? Post a link to the page.
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    For easier debugging in FF use firebug and play with the style directly on page. Usually for such problems the reasons are margins and padding. Make a border for the div for easier debugging and I'm sure you will find the reason yourself.

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