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Thread: Menu Probs!

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    Angry Menu Probs!

    I've made a site that I'm working on the search engine for. Now I've got the search to work by allowing the users to select a category and type in some text into a text box and press search.
    The search engine then searches that particular category for whatever they typed in. I want a menu item that says "All categories" I tried to do this by making its value "%" (without quotes). This doesn't work. Any reasons why? And what should I be doing?

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    Depends on the underlying query and DBMS used by the search engine (did you roll your own or are you using a prefabbed one?), but my guess is: use LIKE not = as the comparison operator if you want to get everything by using '%'.

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    You're dead right! I figured it out pretty much just before I received your email! Cheers for responding anyway.

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