OK, I've been searching and searching for Joomla vs. Drupal comparisons and contrasts, and every search ends in a battle of subjective opinion. Equal amounts of "I tried to use Drupal, and it was incomprehensible! I'll forever use Joomla!" and "Joomla was so confusing and hard to understand. Drupal is the best!" But I need to convert our organization's custome HTML/CSS/PHP website to a CMS ASAP, and I have to select a package and run with it. I simply don't have time to try to learn both and discover one is going to work better than the other.

So, I need advice from people familiar with both, who can be objective, and suggest which CMS package, with or without plugins or whatever, will fit these needs we have:

1. An easy(-ish) template creation process that will allow me to create a completely custom appearance across the site. Stock templates won't work; I have to make a custom one.

2. Can incorporate snippets of PHP script on individual pages.

3. Can incorporate snippets of PHP script on all the pages (e.g.: the parse and display of RSS feeds).

4. Has a log-in system that can allow up to 100 separate users to be able to view and access specific individual pages (and their child pages). Not edit those pages, but simply be able to view them.

5. Has a moderation system where a set of editors can make changes to page content, but the don't go "live" until an administrator approves the changes.

I think that pretty much covers the most important things. Need number 1. is certainly a top priority, and the incorporating PHP is a deal-breaker. It must be able to do that!

Thanks for any feedback.