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Thread: Break the frame, but not the iframe

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    Question Break the frame, but not the iframe

    Lycos is a nice host, 50 mb and ftp, but it has one annoying add. It splits your page in two: content, and an 140px wide adbanner. To make the content takeover,
    top.location = self.location is enough.
    Now i want an iframe with a page inside. But that page splits in two, so the ad takes over.
    How can i break the frame inside, but not the iframe itself?
    I think it's something like:
    <iframe name=Iframe etc...
    Iframe.location = self.location

    Please help me,
    Greetzzz tAK

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    dont use an iframe
    use a div with style="overflow;auto;" that will give effect of scroll with no ad. There is no way to get rid of the ad that does not violate the TOS.

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