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Thread: swf, swiffy and HTML5

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    swf, swiffy and HTML5

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum and to web developing/designing totally.

    I built a website for a customer in swishmax 4 however the customer complained that he can't view the website on his Ipad.

    After research on the internet i came to know that Apple is not supporting "SWF" files and there is an easy way on google swiffy to convert your swf files into html5. ok i did. but now what??

    shall i use the HTML5 files instead of my swf???
    would normal PC will be able to view it??
    should i have on the server 2 websites (one for normal pc and one for apple devices) and let my index.html detect to which direction he should be redirected???

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    The usage is very simple: just upload the SWF file and Swiffy will display the HTML5 result where you can "save as" the page and insert into any website with an <iframe> tag.

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