I'm needing a very specific set of features for an email newsletter implementation. I would like to have it to where I can send the newsletter to a specific email address, which would automatically process the file for distribution and push it out without any extra input - for instance, "publishing" to this email address via Outlook in Microsoft Publisher (the idea is that once the newsletter's contents are finalized, a non-tech-savvy person would be able to publish it easily at a specific time). These newsletters won't be personalized, except possibly for an unsubscribe link. Also, I would like to have a simple, embeddable form for subscribing as well as unsubscribing, that said non-tech-savvy person would be able to make portable across a website (basically, a short snippet of "plug and play" code). Is there a setup I can use to acheive this? I'm completely new to how newsletters function, so any beginner-level help would be great.