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Thread: Send File Via URL

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    Send File Via URL

    Hey, I'm using Codeigniter as a framework for a web application. I just wanted to know how I should go about implementing a feature that allows users who have uploaded files to send them to others via a time-limited url. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

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    Not that hard conceptually. A database table with 3 columns:

    fileid    - unique ID (like an MD5 hash of the filename)
    expiry  - datetime
    path    - path to the file
    When a user accesses something like: http://example.com/file-share.php?fileid

    Then the script on that page grabs the record from the database where fileid is the uniqueID. It then checks the expiry date to make sure the link isn't already expired and then the script simply serves up the file (the path of which is stored in the path column in the database) via Content-Type: application/octet-stream.

    This might help you out on how to serve the file:

    Best of luck!
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