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Thread: What Software to use?

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    What Software to use?

    hi everyone,

    this is my first post.

    i am doing a project, where i would like people to be able to sell things on a website (that i will create).

    so i'm thinking, something like ebay or gumtree. (obviously in a much much smaller scale, but that type of auction site thing.....where a user registers, and can then for a fee upload an item with photo's etc. to sell)

    what kind of software is available to use?

    i've seen this 'moonfruit' software etc. but would it do the job, or would it be more like Joomla or something of a CMS?

    i guess what i'm asking is:

    do i create the front of the website, then create the backend with a database etc?

    or is there something that can do both?

    thanks for reading.

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    try ebase xi, will easily handle the front end and back office parts.

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    Maybe you can try the BigCommerce, which helps you setup a professional online store with shopping cart, product pages, secure checkout, order ...

    Hope it helps.

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