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Thread: build your own computer

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    build your own computer

    I need to install virus scanner on my PC. I have license Windows 7, so i can install Microsoft security essentials free. If I use McAfee i have to pay.
    Is Microsoft security essentials suitable instead of McAfee?


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    Welcome to the site

    Microsoft security essentials is a popular virus scanner and you can't beat the price.

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    Much to my surprise, it is actually being recommended by people who teach my A+ classes. I'm trying it out on my school PC for the term to get a feel for it. It's one of the good free options. If I'm going to pay, Kapersky is what I would install. I have zero desire to install Norton or McAfee on a PC.

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    I'd rather pay for something like Sandboxie than anti-virus software personally, I've never used any, but I see the use for it all the same.

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    I'd rather just use a real OS like linux, but each to their own.

    For the OP, I usually detest MS software (like IE that is a blight, an infection on the computing world for example). However saying that, the Sysinternals suite and Security Essentials, are actually fairly good and free to boot. I use Security essentials on a Win7 partition and CA EZ on my XP partition (yes that might seen ironic considering my previous statement, but I have to use it for work).
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