I was hoping to get some suggestions on what the best solution for my problem might be.

I'm trying to build a site that someone can upload a photo, and then choose from 4 options on how the photo will be printed. On a sticker, or a magnet; Small size, or Large size. Is there a cheap easy tool / plugin that I can easily implement to a site that will allow me to do this?

The alternative is to have them order, then send me an e-mail with the photo, and this option sounds very shady to an end user, so I would rather not have to ask the user to do more work then that already have to.

I'm decent with Drupal and Basic HTML, but I'm more a designer than a web developer or programmer. So I'm hoping someone on here may know of something that will work. Either with Drupal, or just an html way to link a photo upload with a purchase.

Thanks so much ahead of time for your efforts to help me.