Hey all - i have really become interested in wanting to develop an iOS app and I know there are options to develop in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and combine them into an iOS app but I wanted to also give Objective-C a try to know if that is a route I can take. First off - I have a bit of experience using Dreamweaver, PHP, Mysql and can usually pick my way through code and troubleshoot or adjust things but that's as far as I can currently go.

This said in what order should I learn things? I just did the fundamentals of programming and fundamentals of css from Lynda.com and was going to do a tutorial on

Javascript, Lynda.com - JavaScript Essential Training

then HTML5 - Fundamentals of HTML5 from Envato

and then a beginners course on Objective-c. - LYNDA_Objective-C Essential Training

Does this sound ok? I don't want to skip something or leave something out. If I am comfortable using Dreamweaver for basic HTML is it ok to leap into HTML5? I ask because more than likely I would use Dreamweaver anyway.

I appreciate any info you can offer and if you know of a particular tutorial series I should try please let me know.