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Thread: Structure in javascript code

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    Structure in javascript code

    Im trying (again) to learn my way through JavaScript. The first time I tried I was quickly overwhelmed because I had barely learned HTML && CSS at that point. Now I feel more comfortable and want to give it another swing. In the downtime between then and now I have taken an introductory programming class at school that focused on Java programming. I picked up on it very quickly because of how strict the data types and the structure of java code is.

    I know JavaScript and java are completely different but the flexibility of JavaScript is really bothering me and making it so hard to learn. So what's the best or most common way to structure JavaScript code? How can I set up classes and actionlisteners similar to Java? Is it even possible?

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    The Osmani one looks perfect! Thank you I guess it is OOP that made Java so much easier for me to wrap my head around. I knew this would probably be an easy thing.

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