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Thread: Css works for background, not for image though, only html if putting align="right"

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    Css works for background, not for image though, only html if putting align="right"

    Hi, I cut an image out of a template, and painted some colours differently in Gimp, a graphics program, and also painted over text and put my own text in.
    Now it wont work move anywhere when I put the css in, only if I put the html align="right" in then it will move to the right.
    I used the css wizard aswell in the editor aswell, it puts the css code in, but it has no effect, whether it is their or not. The css worked for putting a background color in, which was just body { color#000000 background-color:#000000 }
    The css code starts off with .my_rect { and everything in it. even tried putting .webtheme.jpg2 instead of my_rect, nothing works. I put float in, and tried left: and amount of pixels. Tried the absoluteosition, nothing works, so I tried the wizard css in the editor coffe cup, so the css cant be wrong, but still has no effect..
    The html under the <body> <img id="my_rect" /><img src="Desktop/images/webtheme.jpg2.jpg" width="302" height="618" alt="model2" title="webtheme.jpg2" align="right" border="0"/>
    Only when I put the align="right" in the html code will the image move.
    the word "webtheme.jpg2.jpg" the editor puts the jpg twice, dont know why that is either.
    If anyone has a solution, thanks.

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    upload you site to the internet and give us a link, i cant give you an answer withh all that mess

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