Hi all-

First off, this is my first time posting in this forum, so please bare with me and I hope I am posting in the correct place.

Ok, so I am having an issues with the homepage and side bar image sliders on clients site, here: southwestpaingroup.com This issue seems to only be isolated to the Firefox 12.0 for Mac OS X browser, the sliders work perfectly on all other browsers and PC's. Thus, in order to replicate this issue you must be on a Mac or a virtual/dual boot PC using the latest version of Firefox.

Little background, I downloaded a simple jQuery script for an image slider (jsCarousel-2.0.0.js) and implemented it on the site. Because I wanted the thumbnails on the slider to link to a video pop up box with a video inside of it instead of just an image - I downloaded a video pop-up script (videobox.js) that would allow that to happen. I also uploaded the .css files to the server per each .js file, respectively. Note: This could totally be a css issue but I have tried multiple things without success so I'm thinking it must be something with the javascript. Any advice would be helpful at this point and VERY much appreciated as my frustration is growing.