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Thread: IE9: Negative Margin-Top Value Changed on Load

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    IE9: Negative Margin-Top Value Changed on Load


    I'm having a strange issue with IE9 and a negative margin-top value.

    I have been testing out my site with the IE9 debugger (F12), and have come across an issue.

    Here is the line in question:
    PHP Code:
    <svg id="svgMap" width="650px" height="470px" version="1.1" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" style="margin-top: -79px;"
    For some reason IE9 resets this margin to -55px so the svg doesn't line up with the background image.

    The map / background image line up well in IE8, Chrome 18.0.X and Firefox 12.0.0.

    I have tried setting a different z-index, and using JavaScript to reset the margin to -79px, but nothing seems to be working.

    I can go into the IE9 debugger and manually adjust the margin-top value from -55px back to -79px and then it lines itself up and looks fine.


    You can view the page here: http://tinyurl.com/7qqvs97

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    I apologize for the oversight in this, I figured out my problem. I had a depreciated function that I was using that was no longer required. This function set the margin to -55px for IE8.

    This issue is now resolved.

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