I have created my own website for my writing. The remainder of this extensive site of my writings linked to the first page is all right. I can save it to remote server. So there is no problem with the remote server. It's as if the browser won't accept the changes, which is strange because when I preview it in the browser through DMX it is fine. Secondly, the reason I wanted to revise the first page in the first place is the inexplicable space between the text and table below. Once again, however, when I preview the page in the browse, it registers the changes and looks fine. I have looked at the code and I see nothing that might cause the sudden gap that wasn't there before. I hadn't even changed anything. What really baffles me is the fact that IE and Firefox don't recognize changes made to the first page and shows this gap. I need to solve the mystery of non-recognition of just the first page and also why there is a gap. Is there code or simple fix for this?

Thank you, Wordsworth