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Thread: Dreamweaver - how to move images? Help please!

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    Unhappy Dreamweaver - how to move images? Help please!

    Hi all,

    I am making my first website using Dreamweaver cs5 and I have come across a problem.

    I want to move my images around and place them where I want and I have used the code:
    <div style="position:absolute"> ... </div
    This works fine when I see it in 'live view' BUT when I preview in my browser its moves completely out of place.

    I have been trying to fiddle with it for a long time and still no luck!

    Would anyone be able to suggest a diagnosis for this?
    I would like to move the images on top of other images and keep them there without them shifting when I open the page up in the browser!

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    I think, you should take a look on CSS, to learn some basics, and you will find out how to solve this. It is a bit more complicated,sometime you can just drag and drop images on page....

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    Start by dropping any "position:absolute"
    That removes the element from the natural flow of the page...from top to bottom.
    The use of AP divs is one of DW worst features and general page layout using AP divs is neither "Best Practice" or even "Good Practice".
    DW is NOT a WYSIWYG HTML editor. First learn some basic HTML and CSS and use that to position your images.
    Best wishes,

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