We have this legacy web application that populates the DOM from an ActiveX XMLHttp request. It was originally written around the turn of the century and it's showing it's age. If I can get through this I'll (hopefully) have the chance to rewrite this so that it's a little more manageable.

We're running into problems when we use IE9 to access the SSL version of our site. All of our requests are synchronous but in IE9 weíre getting errors saying that a particular piece of data doesnít exist when we subsequently access the DOM. It appears that itís continuing to execute code before the DOM is finished loading. Our interim solution was to introduce a 10 second delay before accessing the request. Itís a hack but for the most part it seems to work.

Iíd like to use the readystate to figure out if itís finished loading which means moving the request from synchronous to asynchronous execution. Iíve searched through the forums but I havenít found an example of this yet. That being said I'm just trying to figure out when it's finished loading.

Does anyone know of a method to simulate a synchronous XMLHttp request using an asynchronous request? The people here have been trying to fix this issue for years with poor results.

Thanks in advance,