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Thread: Portion of Website hacked by Chinese?

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    Portion of Website hacked by Chinese?

    I'm not trying to be melodramatic with the title of this post, but this is exactly how it seems. At first, I noticed that page one (index) cannot be edited. Now, a recurrent problem that may be related to my website has returned. Please note that in the "Make Link box" of DMX there is what looks like Chinese or Korean. Because of this intrusion, the Short Stories category of my website is defunct. I have posted an earlier post on page one's problem, and now, after testing out the rest of my site, I found this strange problem. Is this an example of hacking a specific portion of a website? The remainder, except the introductory page and the corrupted link is all right (so far). What can I do to fix this problem? I would like to show you an example but your forum doesn't appear to allow attachments. The method the forum provide will not show DMX boxes, so I will give you my website address: http://geraldgibson.com/. If you press the link for Short Stories you will arrive at the corrupted page, which DMX allows me to fix but doesn't register on the web after being saved to remote site. Also note the gap between text and table (not there before or indicated in code)and the fact that it can't be edited either in DMX. I've tried everything!

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    Other than a broken image on the short stories page (index7.html), it seems to be functioning (The links to the stories pull up each story just fine).

    Can you be more specific about what you mean by "corrupted"?

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    Thanks for replying!

    I appreciate you checking this out. As most people trying to solve their web design issues, I continued to work on this on my own and replaced the corrupted file with the one you saw. Before I arrived at the decision to replace the file, I wanted to find out what caused the error and why there was Chinese or Koren script in the DMX "make link" box. What troubles me is that the original file was corrupted in the first place. Do have any idea why there would be foreign script in my website? By the way, the correction I made to my website was just completed so I didn't have time to post my results. I'm glad you verified that the revised link is working!

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