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Thread: Javascript button not working on XP machine

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    Javascript button not working on XP machine

    I have a user running Boot Camp with Windows XP on her MAC (I know, this is not ideal). There is a javascript button on several of her group's Sharepoint web pages that will insert information from a DB based relevant to whatever job number is entered. She has IE8 and Java Version 6 Update 29. This button does not work. when clicked, is says "Error on Page" at the bottom.

    A more detailed error states:

    Message: Access is denied
    Line: 8
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: http://xxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.com/home/etc.

    Have tried the following:
    She logs in to this site from another PC - works fine
    Coworker logs into this site from original user's PC - does not work
    I log into this site from my PC - works fine.

    So this appears to be a PC problem.

    Have also tried: installing IE7 and various older versions of Java to no avail. Have even tried logging in to her PC with different XP profile but button still does not work.

    User has full admin rights to her PC.

    Any ideas?

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    It's not a PC, it's a PC-emulator running on a Mac. I'd _guess_ that there's something not quite right within the emulator that is causing this (especially since it works from other PC's.)

    Solution: Use a PC.

    Have you tried it from within the Mac OS? It might work, then. Although I don't remember what the last version of IE for Mac is. It might be too old for this. Try it with the Mac OS and FireFox.
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    A new PC is not really an option since this is her main workstation. This used to work until about 2 months ago when it suddenly stopped. I would like to find a fix for this if possible without spending money on a new PC just for simply javascript error. That's not really cost effective from a business standpoint.

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