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Thread: Doubleclick Tags implementation using JS - Looking for help

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    Doubleclick Tags implementation using JS - Looking for help

    Hey guys,

    We have implemented dfp on our network using js and xml but are having issues with companion ads.

    We are looking for someone to tweak our js since we are running out of ideas, we would of course compensate you for your time.

    Basically what we are doing is scanning our page for specific <DIV> after the page has loaded, match that div and url with an XML file then insert the proper doubleclick tag to display our ads.

    <div class="_DblClick" id="300x250top" size="300x250" pos="top"></div>

    It has been working like a charm until we started to do sponsorships whith companion ads:

    Here is an example of a page working perfectly (hard coded tags):

    Here is the same campaign using JS, you will notice that on some refresh sometime wrongs ads will show up:

    Here is the feedback we received from google:
    My investigation indicates that the ads sometimes appear in the
    wrong order because the ad calls from the three ad tags on this page are
    not always made in the order intended. The ad tags appear to be
    dynamically generated by scripts that aren't accessible externally, with
    the responses from the DFP ad server then automatically inserted into
    the page. In order for Roadblocking (master/companion pairs) to
    function properly, the ad calls must be made sequentially, with the ad
    tag that calls the master first and the ad tag that calls the companion
    immediately after. In the case of this website, it appears that the
    order of the ad calls can vary with each page load, making which ads
    serve to the two 300x250 ad slots unpredictable.

    If you have already encountered this road block or can think of a solution please contact me

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    Did you find someone who could work on this customization? I have a customization job that I need with Google DoubleClick for Publisher's javascript and custom variables and would love a referral to a developer...

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    We didn't find anyone but were able to do it in house, it has been running for a while now without any issues

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    Good for you. Thanks for your quick response.

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