Hi, I get confused with the div style and div class. cause I have put in css:
#image1 { background-image:url('Desktop/tn_ENTERBUTTON1');

Then in html under <body> it is <div class="image1"><a href="../../../../..Desktop/ENTERBUTTON1.jpg' width="125" height="60" alt=" title=" border="0"/></a></div>

The image is just a tiny enter button. the editor put it in in html,. But I then took the width and height amount out, and put the css on top, to see if it would come into the page with my handcode, as I dont like the editor just putting it in with html code. the href="../../..> that the editor put in, so ive just left that.

Thanks spufi, I havent forgotten about you, just want to get the image in by hand code, without the editor.