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Thread: It seems so easy..am I just THAT stupid!

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    huh. that's a coincidence. I've been thinking about learning ASP. Maybe we can do a language exchange

    what is the list like? is it the same one as in the code above? and when you say that they type in and the text automatically appears on the list does that mean each letter appears as they type it, or do they type the whole thing then press a button (or something) and it appears all in one hit?

    (the second one is way easier, but the first is not impossible)

    btw, I think I like the above code better if you change the select html to:
    <select NAME="Input" size=30 style="font-size:48px; visibility:hidden; width: 100&#37;" multiple></select>
    and the last line of the toggleState function to:
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