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Thread: It seems so easy..am I just THAT stupid!

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    huh. that's a coincidence. I've been thinking about learning ASP. Maybe we can do a language exchange

    what is the list like? is it the same one as in the code above? and when you say that they type in and the text automatically appears on the list does that mean each letter appears as they type it, or do they type the whole thing then press a button (or something) and it appears all in one hit?

    (the second one is way easier, but the first is not impossible)

    btw, I think I like the above code better if you change the select html to:
    <select NAME="Input" size=30 style="font-size:48px; visibility:hidden; width: 100&#37;" multiple></select>
    and the last line of the toggleState function to:
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    Here is how it will work.

    I will have someone check-in at a station when they walk in. The check in information will simply ask for a pin number and give them some basic information to be completed.

    Once the check-in is complete they will hit submit and the information will be updated in our database. However, I would like to have some trigger that as soon as that happens, it causes the information to appear on a list viewed by the person who is waiting to help them. I definitely don't need word by word just when they submit the form something is triggered to add that to the waiting list.

    The list would just utilize basic information pulled from their account and the form submitted.

    First Name Last Name Scheduled Time Arrived Time Appointments
    John Doe 1:45 pm 1:30 p.m. 22

    Then once I select the patient it pulls up their patient account. So I don't know that I am looking for anything too complicated.

    Any help you could offer would be great!

    Thanks again for everything.

    PS - I think ASP is a wonderful language. Fairly easy to learn and straightforward. Not as many weird combinations of letters and numbers I see in Javascript. PHP is probably easier though and will do about the same stuff.

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    I suspect I'm misunderstanding - below is how you would do the first bit. Are you asking how to combine it with the second bit?

    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
    <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    First Name <input type="text" name="fn"/><br>
    Last Name <input type="text" name="ln"/><br>
    Scheduled Time <input type="text" name="st"/><br>
    Arrived Time <input type="text" name="at"/><br>
    Appointments <input type="text" name="app"/><br>
    <input type="button" value="log patient" onclick="logPat(this.form)"/>
    <textarea name="ta" cols="40"></textarea>
    function logPat(frm){
    frm.ta.value=frm.fn.value+" "+frm.ln.value+" "+frm.st.value+" "+frm.at.value+" "+frm.app.value;

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    Apparently I wasn't logged in properly last time (I wrote half of my response and came back and finished the other half later) and it kicked me off due to inactivity...didn't realize my info wasn't posted....argh!

    The reason it is complex is because the client will check-in up front as well as many other clients. When they check-in they will enter some basic information about themselves and why they are here and then hit submit. This information will then be sent to the database. However, as soon as this is done (or before the data is actually stored), I need this to somehow trigger an update on a "waiting list" screen that my staff will be monitoring. This waiting list should list all of the people who are waiting and as more people are added it should auto update the list and when people are finished and we are done with them we will check them out. The waiting list screen, I would anticipate would have to be constructed more like a "chat" or "Instant Message" application because it would have to be somewhat instantaneous. (I.e. I hit enter on one screen, but see the results instantaneously on another).

    So the first station / Check-in screen
    Client enters in pin # (I can do this)
    This checks them in and prompts them to fill out a form (I can do this)
    once the form is entered this updated in the DB (I can do this)
    Once the db is entered (or any combination above) it should trigger the waiting list to auto-update (not sure how to do this)

    Second Station / Waiting list screen
    This should auto update in the order the client arrived with the client's name and the additional information listed above.
    I was thinking that this should be in more of a Table row form for easy selection.

    I understand if you can't write this out, I was more curious to know where do I start researching to find out how to do this. Or maybe this is easier than I think?

    I can't auto-refresh every 5 seconds as this would cause the waiting list to be constantly in-flux which is why I prefer more of a chat-like update.

    Hope this makes better sense.

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    ah, I get it now. from what I understand you can use websockets if you can be sure that the system will always be running modern browsers. If not, AJAX would be a safer method.

    But I know very little about any of that. Here's an article that seems to do what you're talking about, written in ASP. Hope it helps

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    Thanks! At least this points me in the proper direction. Surely, it can't be THAT complicated? I thought that about the last piece of code though. lol :0) Thanks again for all of your help. You really are very kind. I wish there was something I could give back to you for all of your help.

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    I don't know if it does have to be that complicated - that one seemed to be interesting because you already know ASP. Like I say, I'm out of familiar territory here, but I'm not sure if there is a way for javascript/AJAX to know when a database has been updated, so the only way there that occurs to me would be querying it every second (or something) which I understand you don't want to do (and would be a rather wasteful use of system resources, imo).

    googling around, it appears that php would be the other option but I don't know how much less complicated that would be.

    good luck, anyway. when I turn up on the ASP forum in a couple of weeks asking dumb questions you can pay me back then

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