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Thread: cubic-bezier -what do the values mean

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    Question cubic-bezier -what do the values mean

    I do understand that ease-in mean that the animation start slow, ease-out ending slow, and ease-in-out starting slow and ending slow.

    But what is the meaning of the four values in the cubic-bezier?
    w3school say:
    cubic-bezier(n,n,n,n) Define your own values in the cubic-bezier function. Possible values are numeric values from 0 to 1.

    But that doesn't explain much?

    can anyone explain to me what is the meaning of every value in the cubic-bezier?

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    The reference you quoted says:

    "Try the different values in the examples below to understand how it works!" and then gives some examples you can try for yourself.

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    I want some deep understanding.

    just trying and play wont necessarily give me that.

    Does anyone know what this mean?

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    chertsey, a small town s.w. of london, england.
    Hi there programAngel

    check out some of these links at the Mozilla Developer Network...


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